"Dear Joey Travolta and all of the staff at film camp-  Thank you very much for giving our son Reese such a wonderful and unique experience at your film camp these past 2 weeks. It has brought out his creative talents, he made a new friend and really enjoyed himself. Please send us information on your fall program and any programs you offer.  I know Reese would love to come back next summer. We are very sorry he missed one day. Thank you again for all of your hard work. 
 Fondly" - Traci Z. - Bergen County, NJ

"To Joey & the Short Film Camp Staff- Again, thank you sooooo much!   You all are heroes, saints and angels!  I’m sure Brendan will want to go next summer.  It was a super 10 days!  No complaint about going that is success!  I think he will be doing the Saturday Peer Vision Film Club in the Fall.  Keep us informed about the Red Carpet Event. Have a great year!" - Laura M. – Long Island, NY

"We traveled form Oregon to bring our son Jon to the JTSFC  at Marble Jam kids, It was nothing short of a amazing experience for him. Jon has wanted to do film work since before middle school  For Jon to be with peers and make new friends with kids who feel the same way, did positive things for him beyond words. He was embraced by kids from across the country and we were embraced by the families, instructors and staff of the JTSFC as well. Jon can not wait to come again and neither can we!"  - George H. - Oregon 

"Dear Anna. I wanted to email and let you know how much Matthew loves going to MarbleJam on Saturdays. When he sees the blue folder he gets very excited and cannot wait to go to. I believe his favorite class is music. He loves the instruments. He is singing along to songs now and I find he looks for other children to play with when we are out at the park. He used to be content by himself. This has been a wonderful program for Matthew. I can’t wait to see how the program grows and look forward to being a part of it for a long time." - Maggie P, - Bergen County, NJ

"Classes like this are usually very challenging for my son but I was so excited to hear him ask for MarbleJam two days in a row!! And I asked him, you like MarbleJam and he said yes. Tonight I told him the day after tomorrow he’s going to MarbleJam and again I asked you like MarbleJam and he said yes. And one thing about Johnny, if he doesn’t like something he will say “NO” I’m so happy to see he likes this." - Fran P. – Bergen County, NJ

"Hi Anna. I wanted to let you know that my son had the most amazing experience at MarbleJam! Every Saturday morning, during the program, my son would wake in the morning and announce it was MarbleJam day. When we arrived he would run in and when we left he would show me his art project with such pride. He also some how managed to learn a new song weekly which always amazed me since he can never remember his daily experiences. My son and I eagerly look forward to the next MarbleJam program!" - Roz M. – Bergen County, NJ

"Just wanted to let you know how much Zachary enjoyed attending the Saturday sessions of MarbleJam. He took pride in all of the wonderful art projects he created, loved to listen to the music and especially enjoyed the creative movements. I hope the program continues to flourish as he truly looked forward to it." - 
Nancy K. – Bergen County, NJ

"Joanna had such a wonderful experience with MarbleJam. It's very difficult to find opportunities for our children that not only provide educational benefits but are truly enjoyable to participate in. My daughter's verbal ability is quite limited, sign language being her primary form of communication. I will never be able to explain the joy I felt seeing her communicate with the staff and her peers using signs. The encouragement she received for her independent use of signs and verbal approximations was the motivation she needed to become an active participant in the sessions. This success comes from having a well trained, highly motivated and truly dedicated group of individuals running the program. I look forward to participating with Joanna in future MarbleJam activities. Thank you!" 
Pat P. – Bergen County, NJ

"MarbleJam Kids provided a wonderful, open, safe environment for my son, age 7, with autism to experience art, music, and movement in a relaxed atmosphere. It was truly kid driven. He participated when he was ready. Some days were more difficult getting him started but always ended with a big smile and "I want to come back!" MarbleJam Kids truly helped him experience things he would not otherwise have had an opportunity to do so. The staff was wonderful with the kids. My son would not even enter the building at first but they worked with him at his pace and he ended up enjoying it. The effort in starting up this program and the high quality of the staff really has made it well worth while. My son keeps asking or rather stating that MarbleJam Kids will start again in the fall and he is looking forward to it. I truly hope that such an innovative and professionally run program will continue and even expand its efforts to reach out to children who do not have the same opportunities as typical kids to just enjoy themselves in after school programs." - 
Cora K. – Bergen County, NJ

"Dear Anna, Jodi and Sarah. This is a quick note to say how much my son Tristan enjoyed MarbleJam. He especially loved the music therapist Elizabeth!!! I hope you continue to flourish as a program. You all worked so hard to make the pilot program a success!!!!"
- Suzanne S. – Bergen County, NJ

"Our experience partaking in the MarbleJam Kids creative arts program was wonderful. MarbleJam Kids was a something that my son looked forward to each week because he knew he would have a great time, see his friends and feel good about himself. The program provided a nurturing environment for our children on the autistic spectrum who have a hard time finding extra curricular activities in which to participate where they are free to be themselves, learn and ultimately thrive. MarbleJam Kids did not try to change anything about my son, they took all of his special gifts and built upon them. Every week I would come to pick him up he would leave smiling and proud about something he did whether it was an art project, a beat played on a new instrument, or simply sharing a funny moment with a friend. We as parents also greatly appreciated having a safe place to drop off our kids and not have a single worry while they were there. Thank you MarbleJam for reaching out to our community to provide therapy but more importantly friendship and fun for children who often get overlooked by local districts when it comes to recreation."
 - Merrill H. – Bergen County NJ