CAT for Kiddies - Creative Play Therapy for baby’s age 18 months - 3 years

Utilizing music, movement, and floor play Cat for Kiddies Play Program is designed to meet the needs of families striving for better communication and interaction with their child. Oftentimes, the challenges of having a special needs child come to surface during times of play. When parents become active in movement and play with their children, another dimension of communication and understanding occur. Movement and play therapy works to help parents gain insight and learn skills for enhanced communication and interaction with their child, who gain the benefits of self expression through the creative arts therapy process.

The goal of this intervention is to provide an optimal environment for self-expression, while maintaining an atmosphere of ease and security for each child. We maintain small groups; meeting the child at their level, and moving them to become more socially engaged with their peers with a supportive and gentle approach. The MJKids CAT Program requires intake and assessment of all participants to ensure that the group dynamic works for each child. Input from parents and school personnel regarding specific aims and goals for each child are welcomed and encouraged. This insight assists the support staff assigned to each group to help engage the child in activities.

Dance/Movement Therapy: The use of movement as a process, which furthers the emotional and physical integration of the individual.

Music Therapy: The use of music to improve physical, psychological, cognitive, and social functioning.

Art Therapy:
The use of art mediums as a means of expression and exploration of creativity.

SOCIAL CATs Autism Program

Saturdays only... 

MarbleJam Kids signature creative arts therapy program 'Social CATS' uses the mediums of art, music, and movement to practice social skills, communication, relationship building, and creative expression. Groups have opportunities to explore the arts, engage socially, and collaborate with peers on projects. Each session headed by creative arts therapists and certified instructors.    Creative Arts Therapies are used in clinical practice to develop rapport between individuals and therapists, to provide a medium for expression, to improve psychomotor and sensory impairments, and to increase interaction and communication.  Each 90-minute program session provides experiences in the arts utilizing Art, Movement, and Music therapies in a "round-robin" type program schedule to engage social interaction and address individual goals in a fun and nurturing environment.  Intake is required for all new participants.  

The program also provides volunteering opportunities to local high school students who meet our requirements.  Please contact for a volunteer packet.  Volunteering at MJKids meets community service hour requirements.  

Please note: Parents with current supported home programs may wish to check with their own school district to inquire whether or not the Social CAT Program hours may substitute for a child's individual therapy sessions.  MarbleJam Kids is an out of network provider. Insurance may apply. 

PerformCare NJ & NJ DDD authorized.  Contact the appropriate state agency to inquire.