Tuition & Program Fees:  

Program & services fees are required in advance. Fees are non transferable.   Non-Refundable Registration fee per person / per school calendar year is mandatory for participation in all programs. Programs are offered in 10 -30 week session blocks for most programs. If you begin a program after the start of a program block, you will be required to purchase a complete 10 session program regardless of overlap to the subsequent program block. 

Registration fee is non-refundable.
Cancellations with request for refund must be submitted in writing 5 days before the start of the program block.   All cancellations after your child's program begins are NOT eligible for refund. Payment received will be considered a tax deductible donation to the charity.

MJKids does not provide refunds for absences due to illness, religious observations, or other personal conflicts. In the event that MJKids must cancel a class or session due to extreme weather conditions, an additional session will be added to the program block. 

Medication Change Disclosure: 
If your child has recent changes in medications or dosage, please disclose the information to the program director and supervisor immediately.

Drop Off Pick Up:
Many of the classes and sessions are drop-off programs. Please do not drop off your child without checking in with the office. At the time of drop off if you have any questions or concerns please notify a MarbleJam Kids staff member. Please pick up your child on time. A $25.00 sitting fee will be applied for every 15 minutes after the session or class is completed.

Attendance and Punctuality:
For your child to get the full benefit of all MarbleJam Kids has to offer consistency is key!  Weekly attendance is strongly encouraged for the 10 week sessions.  If you know ahead of time that your child is going to be absent, please notify the office as soon as possible.  We ask if your child is sick that you try to notify the office within 24 hours so we can plan our staff accordingly.  Please also keep in mind punctuality is extremely important; groups start on time!  If your child is late they will not only miss the beginning of the group but they will distract the group upon entering.  


For families working with a BCBA who want to have them observe a session we ask that they set up an appointment with our program supervisor.  Appointments can be made monthly unless otherwise agreed on by both parties.  We ask that no appointments are made until October to insure time for children to adjust to the setting, therapists, aides and peers.  
1 on 1 aides: If you are planning on sending your child with a one-on-one aide to each session please notify the program supervisor in advance.  Please instruct the aide that they are there to assist your child, and your child only.    
Behavior Intervention:
If your child is currently on a formal behavior plan from home or your school district we ask that you send a copy to us prior to your child starting their first session.  We strive to maintain consistency across all settings.