Peer Vision Inclusion

Peer Vision is an inclusive social skills program providing options for typical peers to collaborate with special needs populations.  The social learning and experience that is shared among participants provides benefits that are immeasurable. The program addresses the social constraints that often impede self esteem, self expression, and the ability to cope in stressful environments. With model peers as partners, there is opportunity for both typical and atypical teens to mutually understand that each person brings unique perspectives to life’s journey. This program provides typical peers the opportunity to empathize and understand the difficulties of socially disabled individuals and in turn become ambassadors for change in an often unfriendly world for adolescents with Aspergers and high functioning ASDs. 

The classes and meetings are headed by certified creative arts therapists, professional actors and certified instructors. 

Peer Vision Film Club - Bi-Monthly group meetings to enhance film making techniques through instruction and collaboration among peers. Headed by award winning film maker, Raul Barcelona, with additional support form dramatic arts professionals and media arts educators.

Drama/Improvisation - Acting and Improvisation integrates role play, stories, and other techniques taken from the theater with the theories and methods of therapy. The result is an active, experiential process that draws on a teens capability for play, utilizing it as a central means of accessing and expressing feelings, gaining insight, and practicing successful approaches to difficult situations with a naturalistic approach. 

Dance- Jazz/Hip Hop - Provides small group instruction in a welcoming environment that addresses posture, spatial awareness, self esteem, and social skills. Headed by certified dance/fitness instructor and professional dancer teens are encouraged through movement to express themselves without the pressure of a typical dance class.