Private and Group Therapy - Adaptive Arts Enrichment - Pre-Vocational Arts

Family Support & Educational Advocacy

Center for creative arts therapy provides options for children, youth, individuals and their families through therapeutically supported arts programs.  MarbleJam Kids provides children with special needs of all ages, options to thrive as individuals and socially utilized customized approaches that meet the array of challenges they present.
Creative  Arts Therapists work with children and adults with mental health conditions and assist with individuals who have struggled with trauma, loss, and other experiences. 
Programs and services are designed or selected to provide appropriate interventions for a child, youth, adult, or family.  Creative arts therapies allow the individual to express, share, and practice skills in a safe & confidential space either privately or in group settings.  MarbleJam Kids also provide private therapy for children, adults, and families.

Creative Arts Therapy can help...  
Social Skills - Speech and Communication - Behavior Modification - Sensory Integration - Physical Strength/Agility/Coordination
Confidence/Assertiveness - Cognition - Coping Skills - Self Discovery 

MarbleJam Kids Enrichment Programs:
Are after-school programs developed for individuals with ASDs and developmental disabilities.
Provide experiences that typical children have with a responsible approach to aid in the development of a whole person.
Create an opportunity to develop communication and social skills with peers outside of their structured school setting.
Provide trained personnel and support so that the child can succeed in enjoying the activity.

What is Creative Arts Therapy?
Creative Arts Therapies are used in clinical practice to develop rapport between individuals and therapists, to provide a medium for expression to improve psychomotor and sensory impairments, and to increase interaction and communication. MarbleJam Kids Creative Arts Program uses these therapies with children with ASDs to target exactly what their challenges are: sensory integration disorders, motor planning deficits, communication disorders, and impairments with social interactions. MJKids Creative Arts Program creates a safe atmosphere where children explore new opportunities, develop common interests with peers, improve relationships, and grow with self-confidence. Just as with typical children, children with ASDs need to be given the opportunity to gain independence and be proud of their accomplishments. Creative Arts Therapies is that opportunity.

Dance/Movement Therapy: The use of movement as a process which furthers the emotional & physical integration of the individual.

Music Therapy: The use of music to improve physical, psychological, cognitive and social functioning.

Art Therapy: The use of art mediums as a means of expression and exploration of creativity.

Drama Therapy: The use of theater techniques to facilitate personal growth and promote health through the expression of emotions.