​​​MarbleJam®  ARTS in Work Program - dedicated to adults  provides a supportive and enriching opportunity for social integration and skill building.  Art, Music, Movement, Drama, Photography, Fitness, are modified to meet the individual's needs.  Individual Classes and Groups that are small and appointed appropriately.

The Fine Arts Program is a pre-vocational program that assists students in strengthening the foundation of their artistic practice through the adaptive instruction, overview of terminology, history and genre.   

Community Integration Program focuses on social integration and wellness of  the individual.
Programs will be modified and individualized for advanced students and students with exceptional conditions.

Registration is open.  Classes are continuous.  Minimum number of participants are required to run

a program.  All groups are supervised by licensed therapists, trained instructors, and paraprofessionals

are provided when necessary. 


Theater Program & Performance Troupe


MJK is an approved service provider through NJ DDD for adults with disabilities.
Contact your son or daughter's support coordinator to arrange for programming approval .

Intake Required

Contact us for more information and to set up an appointment

Please contact us for more information about individual classes and services

and to schedule a 15 min. walk thru!