HALI Music Method® 

Instructor:  Seth David Walter, creator of the HALI Music Method®

MarbleJam Kids is very excited to be adding this unique and effective program.

TheHALI Music Method® is a specialized music instruction program for

individuals of all ages with Autism Spectrum Disorders & other related conditions.

TheHALI Music Method®utilizes incremental goals exclusively designed to

meet the expressive, fine motor, and behavioral learning needs of the student. 

Since 2004, students continually achieve their goals and have often surprised their families by surpassing expectations.  

The HALI Music Method® is a powerful new approach to music instruction that was created to improve communication, fine motor skills, joint attention and engagement in reciprocal social interaction.  
TheHALI Music Method® was chosen by Penn State University for research study the results of which were published September 2015.

Why Choose TheHALI Music Method®?
Would your child benefit from regular piano exercises designed to improve hand strength and control? 

Would you like to give your child a chance to learn: 
• To handle frustration and manage behavior? 
• To play piano and feel a sense of accomplishment? 
• To interact socially in a positive way? 
If your answers are YES, then your child belongs in this pioneering music-based behavior intervention program. 
Supervised by licensed music therapist. Insurance may apply.

To learn more about this method, please visit  www.halicenterforautism.com