How to address changes to the DDD System  

There has been some confusion on how to address the changes in the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), especially the “interim group.”  

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To maintain DDD services, the individual now has to be eligible for Medicaid.  

Instead of DDD case managers, families now have Support Coordinators, although DDD case managers are still helping with some issues such as transition.  

Information on the Supports Program, including the list of Support Coordinators and the Support Coordination Selection Form can be found here 

Possible Issues: 

  • Families being told there is no funding in DDD and they have to wait for the new Supports Program to start – there may be other options available. 
  • Urgent services like behaviorists being delayed and the individual is regressing.
  • Families on CCW or CRPD waivers not receiving services they had before, or not realizing they would lose transition and other DDD services as the individual can only be on one waiver.
  • Going back & forth between DDD case managers and Support Coordinators resulting in delays or even unnecessary loss of services.
  • Families who were on cash option respite not receiving services under the new program.
  • Needing to become eligible for Medicaid to get services. 

Steps families can take: 

  1. Contact your Support Coordinator and/or DDD case manager   
  2. If you still need more help, contact one of the DDD Help Desks:


              Community Care waiver:

              Community Resources for People with Disabilities waiver: 1 (609) 292-4800 or 1 (609) 984-1487

              Medicaid eligibility:


              Support Program – General Questions: 

*Another good option is the NJ Division of Disability Services at 1 (888) 285-3036 and theirResources Guide  

3. If families still have concerns, they can contact the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network at 1 (800) 654-SPAN.  

You can get a problem reporting form at The Arc of NJ