MarbleJam Kids, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and State of NJ authorized service provider, that offers psychotherapeutic services and therapeutically supported enrichment programs to meet the challenges of individuals with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, emotional & social challenges, and other special needs. 

 Located in the heart of Bergen County NJ, the MarbleJam Kids Center offers Creative Arts Therapy programs and individual sessions Monday through Saturday.

The center includes an art studio,  a dance studio,  a music studio, a study room, as well as an all-purpose room.

MarbleJam Kids also produces Joey Travolta’s Short Film Camp, a filmmaking prevocational arts workshop for teens and young adults. 

 Since its inception in late 2007, MarbleJam Kids has worked with several hundred children and young adults. 

MarbleJam Kids advocates for the needs of New Jersey’s most vulnerable individuals and relies on contributions to assure affordability for families with financial challenges.  Insurance may also apply.

For more information, please contact us at 201-497-6512 or email

Sarah Melone
Vice President
Anna Bager
​President and Executive Director


Engaging the mind, moving the body, enriching the soul, sharing smiles...

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